Foreword from Stephanie Lee - Head of Widening Participation and Outreach

The Manchester Access Programme (MAP) is the University’s flagship widening access programme, supporting the progression of young people living and studying in Greater Manchester into the University. Targeted at students in their first year of sixth form from backgrounds under-represented in higher education, the programme develops their preparedness for studying in a research-intensive institution by giving them first-hand experience of student life.

The first MAP students joined the programme in 2006 and since then the cohort has grown from 100 participants to over 600 students in 2015. The growth of the programme has been made possible by all the different people who support it and their contributions are recognised through the case studies that are featured on this website.

1,344 MAP students have entered the University between 2007 and 2015 and many of these students have now graduated and are employed in a range of professions or undertaking further study. The impact of the programme on participants and the benefits it has brought are shared by the students themselves in the ‘What MAP means to me’ section of this website.

The programme embodies the University’s goal of delivering an outstanding learning and student experience, with no boundaries or barriers. It also epitomises the University’s goal to be a socially responsible institution, making a difference to the communities around it. I hope that during the next 10 years we will continue to see the life-changing impact of the Manchester Access Programme, as more and more young people experience its benefits and take advantage of the opportunities the programme opens up to them. 


The Manchester Access Programme (MAP) is the University’s flagship widening participation scheme which aims to support the progression of talented Y12 students from Greater Manchester in to The University of Manchester or another research-intensive university.

2015 marks the 10th year of the Manchester Access Programme with our 10th cohort of MAP students completing the scheme. In September 2016, many of these students will progress on to a course here at The University of Manchester.

To mark the success of the scheme and to celebrate the successes of MAP students past and present there will be a range of events and communications which will recognise not only the success of our MAP students but also the contributions of University staff, students and teachers at schools and colleges across Greater Manchester.

Events MAP Welcome Event for 10th Cohort

During Welcome Week 2016 the 10th cohort of MAP students will enter The University of Manchester.  The MAP Welcome event runs each year and is an opportunity for MAP students to re-connect with each other.

Sep 2016
Events MAP Reunited bop!

For those of you who have attended a MAP University Life conference (students and staff) you will be aware that the social activities at the University Halls of Residence are a memorable experience, particularly the disco!  This is always a lot of fun and a chance for everyone to relax at the end of a busy day.

In the Summer there will be a special opportunity for MAP students who are currently studying at the University and those who have graduated to re-live this experience!  Watch this space for more information. 

Jul 2016
Events Making a Difference Awards

The Making a Difference Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of our staff and students and celebrate how they are making a difference.

There will be some special MAP case studies shared and special recognition in the form of some MAP awards for the many staff members and students who have played a vital role in enabling and ensuring the success of the programme during the last decade.

May 2016
Events MAP Celebration Events for 10th cohort

Our 10th cohort, along with their parents and carers will attend their MAP Celebration Event in the Whitworth Hall at The University of Manchester. This is an opportunity to formally congratulate the students on successfully completing the programme and students will participate in a formal certificate ceremony.

Nov 2015
Events MAP is 10 Thank you publication

Alongside the launch of this website, December will also see the launch of the MAP is 10 publication – a celebratory publication to thank our students and all those who have played a crucial role in making MAP happen over the last 10 years. This publication features many case studies and includes key facts about the programme.

Dec 2015